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How to Rank any Keyword in any Niche

Rank any KW in any niche

How to Rank any Keyword in any Niche

As promised in the first post, here is the guide which will teach you to rank any keyword in any niche, Even if you are trying to rank something in a very competitive niche.Of course, the cost will be higher to get those top positions but again the returns would be higher too.If you are just starting out then, don’t go for big terms for which big authority websites are ranking in top 10 instead start with low competition terms.

We know that there are many things comes into play by when search engine algorithm decides the rankings, but it all come down to two things content+ backlinks.This is as simple as that.You want the top spot then provide better value from your website to the users and acquire as many niche relevant links or steal them from your competitors.

What you will learn

  • How to know the onsite secrets of your competitors.
  • How to unearth the backlinks your competitors is using to dominate the search results.
  • How to finally able to dominate your niche for the KWs you want.

This is the exact strategy I follow to rank my Keywords.It is a 3 step process:

  1. Research:– The better you are in researching your niche, the better chance you have to rank your KWs.
  2. Analyze and Implement:- Analyze the data and Implement the research findings on your project.
  3. Test and Optimize:- Test your strategy on users and optimize to provide better value to the users and keep repeating this process.

Let’s explore these stages in depth now.At this point, I am assuming you have a KW for which you want to dominate the search results.

So what we are going to do is reverse-engineer our competitors’ content and backlink strategy and replicate it, then optimize it to get the rankings we want.

The Research


  • Firstly make an excel or google sheet to manage all the data you are going to discover.
  • Now put your Keyword in google and get the first ten results.Put them down in the excel sheet.
  • Install SEOQUAKE toolbar into your browser if you already don’t have it.


  • Open the URLs in separate tabs and then use the SEOquake extension and click on the page info button


  • Note down the Titles and Meta descriptions of the page.
  • Now go to density tab and note down information like the density of your KW,Keyword Appearance in title,H tags,Content length,LSI keywords of your KW.
  • Repeat the steps for all the URLs and grab all the information you can and fill your excel sheet.
  • Also, make a column where you can write the information about the multimedia content and rich snippet content of these URLs.


Now go to your favourite backlink explorer, I prefer to use 3 explorers Ahrefs, Majestic and Opensitexplorer.But if you are on a limited budget then you should use Ahrefs only or get a Fiverr gig to let someone do it for you.

Put your competitors’ URL one -by-one and fetch their backlink profile from Ahrefs and export all the backlinks.


You now have 10 CSVs which you will sort in next step.

Then look at their anchor cloud and note down the KW anchor percentage and LSI KWs anchor percentage.Which you will use while making the backlinks.

Repeat the same process with Majestic, OSE or any other backlink checker you want to use.

Now you have all the data you need so next step would be to analyze this data and use it on your own website.You need to know that some of the competitors may be using PBNs which links you are not going to get from these link explorers.

Analyze and Implement

  • First, analyze the onsite data and start noting down things which you find in that sheet.You will find tons of information which will help you make your page optimized for search engines as well as the users.Look for common patterns like how much content these websites are using?, how many images or multimedia items they are using?, How are they using the LSI terms?,their titles,Meta descriptions etc.
  • Now if you already have a website then implement these changes on the website and if you don’t have a website then keep in mind these things while writing content and structuring the website.
  • When done with onsite put the backlinks data in one sheet and start sorting those backlinks by firstly removing low-quality links.After removing the low-quality links you will be left with a good link list which will help you get the top rankings.
  • Start going through links and look for links which you can acquire easily.I use a 1-5 rating where 1 rating links can be easily replicated like a blog comment link or a niche directory link while 5 being the difficult ones like a link from big news website or partnership links.
  • Start replicating the backlinks now. In First phase go for the 1-3 rating ones, if you are not able to get a link easy then move to next one as we are replicating 10 competitors’ links and there are enough opportunities.Make sure you are drip feeding the links so that it looks natural in eyes of the search engine.
  • Slowly move to higher rating links, If a guest post is there then try that website’s contact page or email to pitch your guest post. if the contact info is not available, then get their email from whois and try to reach them.Again if it too tough, then move on to next target and come back later to acquire that backlink.

Test and Optimize:

After doing the onsite and carrying out first phase of link building you will start seeing results in 40-60 days.But don’t stop your campaign, keep drip-feeding links and optimizing the website to make it perfect for your users. Track your users’ behavior and you will get the data you need to make the user- experience perfect for your visitors.

Now If done correctly, you will be in top 20 for your required Keyword.So push for 4-5 rating links now.These links will be powerful enough to get you in top 10 results and by providing better user experience, you will be sitting on the top of your competitors in no time.

After getting that number 1 ranking keep optimizing your website and keep doing link analysis of your competitors’ once in a while so that you can dominate that search term.


So you learned how to get the top rank for your desired keyword.It is easy and it always works except few cases like when you are trying to outrank an old and big authority websites like Wikipedia,huffpo or your competitors are using PBNs and hiding it from the link explorers’ crawlers.But again there is always some exceptions.

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