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How to get Keyword Volume in Keyword Planner after the new Update

How to get Keyword Volume in Keyword Planner after the new Update

Update(March 2017):- The following method may not work on all new accounts so if this is not working for your account then do an ad campaign with your account and you can have the access of monthly searches data afterwards. Pro tip: Check for new user coupons before running an ad campaign.

All the webmasters and SEO forums are now buzzing with the questions about google Planner update.If you use Keyword planner frequently for your Keyword research and not a big spender of google Adwords then you too must have seen this by now while accessing the Keyword Planner:


Here is the more about this data throttling update of google: http://searchengineland.com/google-officially-throttling-keyword-planner-data-low-spending-adwords-accounts-255795

The worst thing about these averages is 10k-100k range for keywords , I mean how can one take a decision about his/her KWs with such vague data.They have made the tool quite useless with this update.

Even though they are saying they want to make it more user-friendly and want to cut the overhead of their server , But it seems like they want more people to spend regularly and spent big on AdWords, But this is a discussion for some other time.The question now is how we can overcome this limit and can access the data volume as we need instead of the data ranges.Google is saying use the forecasting tool to get the data you need  . But the data you get will be based on the bids so data can be not that accurate, I want the data as I used to get so here is a way you too can now access the Keyword planner data as you used to be.

The solution of the problem is using google keyword planner manager’s account to access your AdWords account.Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:-

Firstly, You need to make a GKP manager account.GO to this url: https://www.google.com/adwords/manager-accounts/?zd=1 and click on signup.


Now this screen will prompt up:

Here you will fill a new email id which doesn’t have an AdWords accounts, for emails which already have Adwords linked will not work

Then give a name to your account.Now next step is critical you need to check the option “To manage other people’s account”. If you choose the other option then it will not work.

After that fill the other details and click on save and continue.

You will get an email on the given email id after verifying you can access the GKP manager’s account dashboard:


Now you have to add your existing AdWords account in here so click on add account and you will get this screen:


Here you have to enter the customer Id of your existing AdWords account , Login to your AdWords account and on top right you can get the customer ID.


Put the customer Id and click continue.you will get this screen:


Here enter an account name and click on the request approval. Now we have to approve this request using our existing AdWords account. So go to account setting of your existing AdWords account and then click on the account access tab. You will get this:


Firstly accept the request and then move the administrative owner slider from off to On. Now go to the manager’s account and refresh it you will get something similar to this:


Now click on your account name here and then go to the keyword tool from top panel and start putting your keywords as now you will be able to see the data like before:



So that’s it. Now access the Keyword tool as you please. If you have any questions feel free to write it in comments. Thanks for reading  🙂


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