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How to change URL of YouTube channel

how to change youtube channel url seocybernetics

How to change URL of YouTube channel

As Youtube is the second largest search engine and one of the most engaging social media platforms on the planet one needs to leverage the branding opportunities it can provide. To get your brand more recognition it is important to have a custom Youtube URL instead of a dynamic URL. Here are the steps which you can use to get a brand custom Youtube URL.

First you need to be eligible to get a custom URL on youtube. Here are the eligibility criteria to change the dynamic URL of your Youtube channel

  • You need to have at least 100 subscribers.
  • Your YouTube account needs to be 30 days old.
  • You should have a picture as a channel icon.
  • You need to have a channel art.

*Channel art gives identification to the YouTube content. It also helps in brand building.

You can change your URL only after meeting these eligibility requirements. Most likely, YouTube itself intimates you through mail and by you tube notifications once you are eligible.

Steps to change YouTube URL: –

Sign in to YouTube account.

  • Go to advanced settings.

Click on the profile picture on the top right corner. A drop down menu will appear with settings option on the two- third of the list.

It will lead you to the next page where advanced settings will appear in the account section as well as at the bottom of the list. Click advanced settings.

  • Channel settings

Advanced setting > Channel settings.

Now click on the link which says You’re eligible for a custom URL.

(Note: – This link You’re eligible for a custom URL will only appear if you are eligible otherwise you need to work on getting yourself eligible.)

  •  Pre- approved options.

After clicking on that link “get a custom URL” box will appear. You will see the pre-approved URLs by YouTube. But it’s up to you if you want to go with the pre-approved option or create one by yourself. If the URL you choose has already been taken you can modify it a bit by using numbers or symbols to make it unique or you can try another URL which is not taken. Keep trying until you get one.

(Note: – You can remove custom URL only 3 times a year.)

After choosing a URL you can proceed to confirm it as your official URL. Before changing it YouTube would try to get your confirmation whether you really want to change it and will make sure you have made a final decision.

Click on the agree statement of custom URL terms and conditions. Then click ChangeURL.

So now if you scroll through your channel’s page, you’ll notice the changes that took place in the URL making it new and branded version of your channel which will likely attract more audience to your channel.

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