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According to Google's Top trending list, Bahubali 2 was the top trending term in India for the year 2017. There were 7 movie terms which were in the top 10 trending topics overall while the rest 3 terms were related to cricket(IPL, Champions trophy, and Live¬†Cricket Score).   trends.embed.renderTopChartsWidget("8d0b8204-61e7-4ca1-9534-b697261c5e65", {"geo":"IN","guestPath":"https://trends.google.co.in:443/trends/embed/"}, 2017);   The "How To" Terms were dominated by searches related to Aadhar, Jio, Bitcoins, and GST.   trends.embed.renderTopChartsWidget("f73ac278-aba3-4cb0-bc91-8f1b898ea29d", {"geo":"IN","guestPath":"https://trends.google.co.in:443/trends/embed/"}, 2017); There was a significant increase in...